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Feedback: The Z4 Ti Driver by GigaGolf

Z4 Ti Driver

Check out the comments and opinions below from golfers who have tried the Z4 Ti Driver. Note: All feedback was submitted via the GigaGolf website.

2016-04-10 by B. Fix
received my driver on time, undamaged and as ordered. have played ten rounds and could not be more satisfied. never felt comfortable with my r-1, as I was always tweaking all the adjustments and fretting as to whether the next adjustment would be "the one". now I hit it far and straight and can concentrate on my game instead of set up. this driver is performing great and has done everything I have asked of it.

2016-01-16 by c. Glenn
This driver exceeded my expectations. The ball seems to explode off the face of the club and I have gained more than 20 yards on my drives. I have a driver which is more expensive, but I have never gotten good distance with it. this club is very forgiving.

2015-10-22 by S. Scoles
First... every club in mine and my son's bag is from Gigagolf. At best, I'm just a bogey golfer who has been playing for no more than 18 mos or so. But I play with various buddies who only have far more expensive name brand clubs. The build quality of Gigagolf clubs is as good as the several major manufacturer's clubs I've been able to hit thus far. But Gigagolf's $ value is far superior. So... my iron play has improved significantly in the last few months. But that improvement has come at the expense of my short game which I've largely ignored while sorting out the swing with my GX944 irons. When I began playing, my swing justified a regular flex, so my original GXz driver, GXz 3-wood and Gxz hybrids all have the default HDX shafts in regular. But, as my swing speed has improved, I've outgrown the regular flex and my accuracy with all of those clubs has really suffered. Bill at Gigagolf agreed that I needed a stiff flex. So I ordered the Z4 driver and a TRX Power Slot 3-wood with the stiff Grafalloy ProLaunch Red shafts. Basically, moving from the regular flex to stiff appears to have done wonders for the accuracy of my drives. With a nice fluid and relaxed normal swing, I was right on target at the range today. The accuracy was consistent, consistent and consistent. The extra 10 to 15 yards was nice as well as I averaged about 260 yards of carry with the Z4 in about 25 swings. The TRX 3-wood average carry was about 230+ for me. Another benefit is that, for the first time in months, I was able to step on it a little bit with the stiff Z4 for a few extra yards without injecting more than a manageable fade. I can't say enough about Gigagolf. Their clubs, service, price and value are simply outstanding.

2015-09-05 by C. Ridenour
I can't say enough good things about this club. I've been gaming it for about a month now. I was looking for a driver that was consistent, forgiving and long. The Z4 delivers. The head is pretty square, which went out of fashion a few years ago. I don't care. I have confidence off the tee. I know as long as I make a decent swing, the ball will get out there and it will be playable. That is key. I've worked on an inside out swing plane for a couple weeks and that practice, combined with the Z4, have made driving the ball the strongest part of my game. I will honestly say its added distance. Maybe 10 yards or so, but I'm not swinging out of my shoes. My favorite thing about this club is the ball flight. It is long, boring, and uneventful - whether I'm using a cheapo distance ball or a 3 piece urethane. I will say that I can work the ball if need be. Today I was able to work a right to left draw around a dog leg. It ended up being beautiful. Green in regulation, birdie putt. I can't ask for more. Customer service from Giga was excellent. I went with the stock shaft and a half inch short, as suggested by eFit. I'm one happy guy.

2015-08-29 by Jack F
I simply cannot miss the fairway with this driver. CRUSHING it too. Praying that the magic does not wear off. Thanks for the club boys.

2015-08-17 by J. White
I am giving this review after my dad gave me this club a few weeks back to replace my old Callaway FT-3. He told me to use his email or else you all would delete my review. I have not had a lot of experience with different clubs as I am 16 and only have had hand-me-down drivers since I started golfing. With the FT-3 I was getting about 260 when I crushed it but the driver had a small sweet spot, and I ain't McIlroy. With the Z4 I smoke my dad and most of the guys on my High School Golf team by at least 20 yards. And that is with a lot of them are hitting stuff like X2 Hot and SLDR. I have been busting 300 a few times every round and now coach is getting confident in me off the tee. For being a no-name brand and looking way old school and square, it has a big sweet spot that is hard to miss. Not only do I drive much longer, but I am waaaaayyy more accurate. This driver gets my utmost respect

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