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Latest reviews of GigaGolf's TRX Trac II Pearl Driver

TRX Trac II Pearl

Read reviews of the TRX Trac II Pearl Driver by GigaGolf. Note: The feedback and opinions noted below were submitted though the GigaGolf website.

2016-06-02 by F. Hayman
I recently purchased a TRX II driver (custom fit). I loved how easy the eFit system allowed me to select my shaft and grip. I went to hit some balls and was amazed how light my the club is and how much more driving distance I gained approx 30 to 40 yards. My son recently purchased a Taylormade R15 costing 250 and basically off the rack. The TRX II I purchased from you was 120 and basically identical to the Traylormade R15. My son and I went together to hit some balls today and I swapped his Taylormade R15 with the TRX II I received today, just to see if he would notice. He's just swinging away and notice he was gained about 15 more yards with the TRX II. He also mentioned his club felt lighter and seemed shorter (he's a foot taller than I am). I didn't say a word as he powering out balls. I waited for the perfect moment to swap the clubs back, and he starts complaining "what happen, the club feels strange and I'm not getting the same distance." I finally let the cat out of the bag. His 250.00 R15 and my 120.00 custom fit TRX II. TRX II wins....thanks for producing a great custom club without destroying the wallet. I will be purchasing Irons in the next month or so. Thanks Again

2016-05-02 by D. S
Ordered my Pearl Trac II and got it yesterday. Ordered a 44.5 inch graffaloy blue prolaunch stiff shaft, 12.5 degree loft, and Winn Dri-tac soft grip. Full disclosure - I already play with a 44.5 inch stiff Adams Speedline Super S which I love, so I wanted to see how the Trac II measured up. No time to take it to the range, I had a tee time for 8:30 today. You know what, let's take it straight to the course. After all, fortune favors the bold. I hit 8 of 11 fairways, the ball went high and far and I averaged 285 off the tee including a 295 and a 298. I pushed my first drive and then adjusted the weights to the heel. Had little trouble after that. Focused on closing the face of the club on the downswing and the ball just BOMBED down the fairways. Fit and finish is stellar. Control with the shorter shaft and higher loft really m akes a difference and I have actually picked up some distance. My playing partners asked me how much I paid for the driver, although one of them is already a gigagolf convert and has purchased his 3 wood from them - thanks to me! GET. THIS. DRIVER. Go with the high loft and shorten the shaft. You won't lose any power or distance at all. After all, the shortest distance to the hole is almost always the center of the fairway!

2014-04-24 by M. Hines
I recently talked myself out of waistng so much money buying a new name brand driver & went with the TRX Trac II Pearl. All I can say is thank you Gigagolf! Once again you delivered another quality club that easily gives me another 10-15 yrds per drive routinely. I kept my old driver in the bag the first 2rds just in case I didnt have control of the new driver. After seeing the long ball results from first couple holes in 2 rd I knew I was comfortable enough to take my old driver out of the bag for good.(Mind you I never practiced with new driver at range) I had it designed Standard +1 at 9.5 loft with red Gold Pride grips (the white (driver head) on black (shaft) on red (grip)look is very nice). Im used to losing distance from regular 10.5 driver because I hit the ball so high, when it landed I didnt get much role. Now my flight path you can tell is lower & I get more forward ball spin & release giving added yards per drive. A few friends use different Taylormade drivers & I was out driving them which made them question if my club was legal since they dont know the brand Gigagolf. So far I really like the drivers performance & in time I will get use to playing with the weights to find best position to offer clean impact strikes for my swing. One thing thats odd to me is the sound upon impact it is nothing like recent drivers I have been using. The sound is not loud at all. Im used to hearing a sound like if your at batting cages. Other then that so far the club was well worth the purchase.

2016-03-21 by R. Holman
I am on my THIRD driver of this style, though my first of the new model with two weights underneath. As of this weekend, ALL THREE have cracked in the corner of the slider track on the underside of the club; I was assured last time on the phone that this problem had been addressed between the first and second model. I'm disappointed that this seems not to be the case. For what it's worth, the club works very well until it inevitably cracks, which is the main reason I'm so disappointed. It would be a different story if the club didn't perform well -- I'd have no problem giving up on it. Sadly for me, I like the club a lot, and I really love the corresponding 3W and 5W. It's a great shame that the manufacturing process can't seem to be fixed so that the club can withstand typical use.
GigaGolf Response: We did have a batch that were heat treated incorrectly. At this point, we have eliminated those from inventory and are replacing drivers in the defective batch that sold before the error was discovered.

2016-02-28 by B. Atkinson
Just a follow-up to my previous review. I recently played the Sea Island (GA) Retreat course and hit excellent drives on the 14 holes calling for driver. The drives were absolutely straight and long (for me). When finished, I drove the cart to the return area and two employees began cleaning the clubs. They immediately thought the clubs were Taylor Made and commented how beautifully crafted they were. So, naturally, I complimented myself about having made a very wise purchase from Giga Golf!

2016-02-14 by B. Atkinson
I've been playing with this driver for about a month now and couldn't be more pleased. I'm an older guy (72) who's lost a lot of distance and flexibility. My swing speed is pretty much slow motion today. With the TRX Trac II Pearl, though, when I drive the ball it sounds fantastic and I recall those days long ago when it consistently traveled 280 yards. I'm a pretty straight driver of the ball and these days I'm able to get about 230 yards of distance. I'm VERY HAPPY with that result.

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