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SGS Wedge - Customer Feedback


Listed below are reviews of the SGS Wedge as submitted to GigaGolf via their website.

2008-11-09 by C. J.
This really are very nice wedges, the perform absolutely great with excellent feel and very nicely match my 510 forged irons. My short game has greatly improved and now saves my score, once my iron game or drives are letting me down. Thanks Gigagolf for yet another very nice job done!

2008-09-12 by E. Mueller
After already having excellent results with the 56 and 60 wedges, I've added the 52 to the bag. I've tried out so many different wedges, and there's definitely not a better value anywhere. My playing partners use various brand name wedges, and (after trying mine) all feel they overspent. Great feel and excellent spin, which is what I want in wedges -- that it costs less than 1/3 of a name brand wedge is a bonus!

2008-08-28 by J. Scott
This club's really good for the price. It's my dad's driver, but I've hit it numerous times (My driver is the Nike SQ 5900) and I hit them both really well (around 285-300 but my swing speed is around 108). You might not get killer distance with this but it'll go where you want it to which is the most important thing in golf (or should be). It'll draw for me sometimes, but it cured my dad's big slice, now he hits it straight or a slight fade. The customization options for this club are superb and it arrived right on time and looked carefully wrapped. The face does get scratched after time, especially if you aren't hitting balls that are perfectly clean, but so does my SQ 5900(and it doesn't look bad or affect performance). All in all, very well made club that is well worth buying.

2008-02-13 by S. Masri
I bought complete 3 wedges. 52, 56 and 60 degree all together in order to get the 50% discount for international shipping cost. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Consistent and accurate shot on my carbon steel wedges with a F Flex steel shaft gave me good feel for my short game. Just like Titleist Vokey or Callaway wedges with cheaper price. Make sure you gave the right physical data and swing speed in order to get the best fitting club. I cut my handicap almost 18 stroke bro as I improve a lot at my short game.

2008-03-22 by E. martin
SGS black wedges that I ordered 56 and 62 degree are just as good as Callaway's x forged wedges. I bought 2 wedges for less than half the cost of theirs. I've only hit them at the range but they feel great.

2015-09-28 by M. Blankenship
I bought this at 60* loft with Feather flight shaft. Great wedge, really lets me pop the ball up and down. The grind allows for dope Bing the face for a beautiful flop. Very versatile. I love this wedge and will come back for more.

2015-08-20 by L. Wise
I ordered 3 wedges (52,58,62). All arrived promptly and in pristine condition. After many rounds of play and hours of range time, they all still look and perform great! I'd say above expectations but I'm already happily playing a set of P2 irons (4-PW) / P3 driver and know the quality of your clubs. The 3 wood and hybrid are next .. Thanks again Gigagolf

2015-06-17 by C. Knight
I got the 52* and 62* wedges in on Tuesday June 16th after ordering them on Thursday June 11th. Great turnaround for standard shipping. The wedges look great, grooves are deep and sharp. I played with them today for the first time and didn't get a chance to hit them on the range prior to playing my round. The Gap wedge is great and sticks it down on the green easily. I used the high lob wedge on the first hole, hit it about 3 yards past the pin and spun it back within 5 feet. They are both a great combination with my Mizuno MP-32's.

2015-05-11 by R. Jordan
I got the 52, 56, & 60 degree wedges and I have to say these are great wedges. Easy to spin and hit for all lies. I must say the 52* is not my favorite, but I'm still working on it. Great job Gigagolf!!! 

2015-05-02 by S. Vanderslice
Just want to say these wedges are some of the best I've played with. I'm a 3 handicap and I play as are #2 for my varsity golf team. that Birng said Iplayed with Cleveland wedges for last 2 years and did not like them. So I found myself looking for some new ones and I came across this site and saw the great prices so I decided to try them. Upon receiving the clubs I noticed how nice they look over the ball and just sitting in the bag. This really helps having the confidence that I can put this shot within 5-8 feet from 100. They have a very solid feel on contact. As well. I'm getting more spin then I ever was with my previous wedges. In conclusion high or low handicap these are great clubs

2014-10-11 by A. Lacewell
First, let me say that I've never been a good short game player. Pitch shots and chips have always given me problems. I've tried several big name wedges to improve my game (Cleveland, Ping, Wilson) and nothing really helped. I purchased these Gigagolf Tradition wedges a couple of week ago (52 and 56 deg), 1/4" over standard with regular shafts, 1 deg upright. Let me tell you these are the best wedges I've ever played. Every approach shot is solid. The spin these wedges put on a ball is awesome. The feel is terrific with the regular shafts. This is by far the best deal in golf.

2016-05-28 by S. Dement
got my 52 and 56 today, immediately went to short game area at my local muny here in town. I spend a lot of time there, working on various shots, trajectories, etc. These clubs perform well. I like the smaller profile of the heads, no offset,and the darker color. Particularly like the bounce (12*) on the 56, works well on the bermuda. I will be ordering the m510's soon, and the 62* as well. Previous reviews weren't hype. these clubs are the real deal, can't beat the combination of price and quality. I do club repair and club fittings at a local sporting goods store and see a lot of clubs, old, new, better player, game improvement, etc. These are as good as any and the price was great. Customer service is spot on, delivery was quick -- you have gained a customer for the future. How about an 8802 style putter in the future? Or maybe something similar to the Odyssey #9? Great job, giga guys.

2015-11-21 by N. Sporrer
I received my clubs a while back with a driver also, overall they are good wedges although one minor detail was off.I ordered black wedges but the 60 degree was a dark grey and the 56 degree was black. That wasn't a big deal for me but if you were trying to match your clubs it might be a little bit annoying.But besides that good clubs!

2015-08-23 by J. Jackson
I too am one of those people that never leaves reviews, however for these clubs I will make an exception. I was looking to get some new wedges and a buddy of mine told me about his Vokey wedge and after looking and pricing I just couldn't justify spending almost $200 for a wedge. I came across Giga through a forum as many others have and saw that I could get an entire set of wedges customized to my specs for less than 1 Vokey! I took the plunge and ordered these in 52,56 and 60... Like a 5 yr old on Christmas, I tore the box open and looked at new perfect wedges and headed straight to the range. These clubs are INSANE!!! The look, the feel, the sound and the accuracy are all just as good as Vokey, Cleveland, etc.. if not better for basically pennies for what you would spend on a set of the big names. I love these so much I just placed an order for Pursuit TC 420 driver as well. I have no affiliation to this company, I am just a very satisfied customer that will be placing many more orders soon. Thanks for great products @ a great price!

2014-09-06 by J. Erekson
Got the 56 to test out giga to see if they were all they everyone said they were. I have since purchased an entire set from them. Extremely impressed with the quality. This wedge is probably my favorite club of all. It plays extremely smooth and gives amazing control. For those who enjoy golf but don't enjoy spending thousands giga is your answer. No regrets.

2014-08-18 by J. Lagasse
Purchased a 52 to test the water with Giga. I Read a all the great reviews and even have a family member that games the TRX v.11 irons but wasn't ready to jump in myself. Spoke with and e-mailed customer service before ordering and they were very polite and answered all my questions. The wedge is fantastic, Customized length/Lie for me with the featherlight shaft and a midsize grip. I hit the ball high and it stops on a dime when it gets there. It actually has a similar flight to my 60 degree wedge (but better distance)i was gaming but I could never hit it consistently so i took it out of my bag. The only minor issue i had with my club was a small blemish in the black finish just below the hozel but its hardly noticeable. I plan on getting the matching 56 as well. I'll be replacing my irons next and i'm leaning strongly toward the Z4's. Not sure about GigaGolf? Spend 25 bucks on a wedge and you wont regret it. 30 day play guarantee is unreal. Pay for your clubs not for advertising. DO IT! Thanks again 

2014-05-19 by D. Jenkins
Great wedge for the money! Performs on par with any I've used.

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