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The S2 Satin Wedge - Reviews

S2 Satin Silver

Below are comments and feedback for customers of GigaGolf who have purchased and tried the S2 Satin wedge.

2015-06-05 by T. Ponsard
Had this club delivered to me in Mexico a few months ago (GREAT service!). I was looking for an easy to play sand wedge mostly for confidence in sandtraps. I wanted a game improvement club for the weakest part of my game. That it does, in fact last Saturday my best shot was leaving a sandtrap shot within gimme distance. I've actually found this club is also very accurate and easy to play around the greens, helps me stay on target, and I find myself using it when I need backspin, which wasn't the intended use, but a great plus. This one is staying in my bag, and I am really considering getting a 52 in the same range. 

2014-09-06 by R. White
Gotta write a review on this club....was having problems with 90-105 yard distance after replacing old cavity back SW with a new bladed one. After realizing there was now a 11 degree gap between PW and SW, I bought this a while back off PreOwned section on your website the fill the void. Never used it as I feared it wouldn't be up to the standard of my name brand wedge...finally decided to try it after a spate of games where I struggled with the 90-105 distance consistently. Holy Crap..! This wedge has got my game better than ever! My buddies are openly questioning me how I am now spinning the ball back on the green from 100 Yards out...I have never been able to do that even with Top of the line wedges. I am not doing anything different so it has to be the wedge. I hope these things are legal because I am going to use them in our upcoming club championship! Thank you GigaGolf...I am almost tempted to buy. 56* SW in this...!

2014-05-30 by G. REEVES
I immediately started hitting these longer than the TaylorMade ATV that I had previously. I purchased a 54 and 58 degree, please let me know when/if you starting providing a 50 degree wedge in this model!

2013-10-28 by M. Reyner
I can not thank you enough for all your help. Called and talked to Bill several times always polite and answered all my questions. Ended up buying the TRX series of clubs, (driver - wedges) in pearl and can not be more pleased. They arrived fast and in great condition, the bonus bag was a surprise, the quality is just as good as my Bag Boy I use on my cart. Now to playing, the balance an feel are outstanding. Having used Taylor Made and samplings of Callaway, Adams, etc. my new TRX are better for me. Finish and fit are outstanding. Used the "fitting" system and balance and Feel is OUTSTANDING best ever. Using graphite shafts (R) as it was recommended by Bill for my tear in rotator cuff to relieve shock. It does work my shoulder loves it. Was driving off a par 5 with crossing ditch over canyon to elevated green. Usually play a 3 and layup just short of ditch leaving a 120 to green. Much to my surprise and all in group it cleared the ditch leaving me a 50 yard pitch! WOW Don't let the "non brand" name keep you away for Giga golf clubs I will be purchasing another complete set for my wife this spring. Thanks again to all at Giga Golf 

2013-06-26 by P. R
I bought the 56 and 60 degree wedges last spring and have been playing with them for about a year. Inside of 120 yards had previously been a nightmare for me. I couldn't be happier with how these clubs have performed and held up over the past year +. Its like throwing darts at the green. Have recommended them to friends and family. 

2013-04-20 by E. Gullander
I had the SGS wedges in 56 and 60. I needed something to bridge the gap between the 56 and my 48 pitching wedge so a 52 degree seemed like the logical choice. My SGS's are a little hard to get the right distance on full swings so I needed something that would perform as a full swing club from around 100-120 yards out and be versatile enough to still work around the green. I saw that the S2 has the slight cavity so I went with that as cavity backs usually perform well on full swings. I ordered the 52 with the dynamic gold shaft. I received my order on time but It had the UST HDX graphite shaft on it. I called up GG and with a little digging, we figured out what happened. They paid for return shipping and sent me back the right club on time. Anyway, this has been a very reliable club in my bag. It looks great at address. Its got a look that makes you feel like you cant miss while still having a very traditional feel to it. Its worked great when I need it for 120 out and is what I use on most fairway bunker and punch out shots (from under trees usually) around the 50 yard vicinity. Im super happy with the customer service as well as the product itself. I haven't had a bad experience with GG yet which is why I keep coming back

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