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Reviews on the S2 Black Matte Wedge by GigaGolf

S2 Black Matte

Read the opinions of golfers who have purchased the S2 Black Matte Wedge from GigaGolf.

2015-04-14 by T. Ponsard
I'm very happy with my 56, which is a the high bounce wedge in my disparate set. It really performs well and for me the black matte has a great confidence effect against white sand, I feel like the club really stands out. I use it almost exclusively as a bunker club.

2014-06-08 by J. c
Another great buy. I bought this club to fill a void. My sand wedge distance went to 110 with my efit ozzy z4s. No complaints, beautiful club as usual. I wish gigagolf had ball caps (hint hint). It'd be much easier for me haha. 

2014-03-17 by j. yonish
Start by saying that the service was amazing and Gigagolf has customer service beyond good, its great. As for the wedges, they are great...I would only play hogan wedges for years, when they went away I tried all the big names and these are every bit as good. They have a classic look at address and feel amazing. I got the 54 and 58 degree wedges and the 58 has a slightly thinner sole than most higher degree wedges which I prefer and makes playability around the greens very versatile. open the face, close it, they perform exactly how you want them too. I have played the pursuit wedges for years now, starting to wear so decided on these and hate to say, I think these are even better. The black finish will wear off as expected, only having a week with these it has quickly in the face and sole, but the look underneath is awesome, kind of a blackish matte finish...I just cant wait to wear it out some more to get that look to show a bit more. Again the feel, they feel as good as any top forged wedge and very solid, with a good weight to them. Full shots also amazed me, was able to control the flight with ease and spin was very nice. drop and stop. If you are looking to replace the wedges, look no further....and at this price...compared to $110-$130 for a name on the clubhead with the major brands, its a no brainer. 

2013-06-20 by B. Lowery
I've ordered a lot of clubs from GigaGolf - my whole bag (and the bag itself) is full of Giga, in fact, and I've been generally very happy with the clubs. So it is with reluctance that I write this, but, I ordered 3 S2 Black Matte wedges last summer. After several delays due to the clubheads being on back-order, they finally arrived and I played a couple rounds with them in the fall. Early this year, I played a round with them in wet conditions. A couple weeks later, when I went out for another round, I noticed that the finish on all three wedges were oxidizing. I wiped them down with oil to try and stop the rust, but it continued, and all efforts to remove the rust from the finish failed. I contacted GigiGolf 3 separate times about this issue, and I never heard anything from them (obviously, it was well after the 30 days). I'm not sure what disappoints me more - the poor quality finish on the wedges (none of the other Giga clubs suffered any ill effects from the wet conditions) or the lack of response from Giga, but my advice is to avoid the black matte finish if you're ordering these wedges.

GigaGolf Response: Mr. Lowery, Sorry to hear that your concern was not answered. They will show some rust if you store them wet. It won’t affect performance and some players say it helps bite and spin. We will swap out the heads or let you change to something else if you prefer.

2013-05-14 by C. Chippewa
I ordered a 52 degree S2 wedge recently. I have hit it on the range several times (grass and hard pan) and have found it superior to any wedge I have tried over the last 15 years. You can hit it high or low or run it and the result is the same; straight, soft landing, predictable roll and good feel. I just ordered a 56 degree to go with it.

2013-04-12 by D. Myers
I purchased a 52 and a 58 at the end of last season. They are not only great wedges (the grooves are awesome) but they are snappy looking too.

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