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Pursuit s510 True Forged Wedge - Reviews

Pursuit s510 True Forged

Reviews from GigaGolf customers who have tried the Pursuit s510 True Forged wedge.

2015-05-28 by S. D
Absolutely love these wedges

2015-04-30 by S. D
Received my 60deg wedge. I am gonna order the 52 and 56deg soon to replace the same from the m510 range. Go gigagolf. You have pleased me once again.

2015-04-14 by T. Ponsard
Recently bought some wedges off Gigagolf, including a 52 and 60 Pursuit s510. Shiny and new, they look beautiful with the mirror finish, but that will wear off eventually. The thing is, the lines of these clubs are so pure that I can picture myself still loving them after 5 years of weekly usage, they are really beautiful by any standards, unless you rate the beauty of the logos of the OEMs. On the course, from the first go I felt they performed even better than the Vokey spin wedges I had before, amazing feel, great crisp contact, excellent control. Love the low bounce. Absolutely classic yet modern wedges which I will gladly have in my bag wherever I go. It would be nice to see this series with a wider range of bounce and loft options.

2014-05-31 by A. Keicher
Bought a 52 three years ago and it remains my favorite club in my bag. Basically throws darts from 115 yards and in. Built with the featherflight shaft and bent 1.5 degrees flat. Love the low bounce. Allows me to hit every shot in the book. A real quality tool.

2014-04-11 by W. Ragland
I received my Pursuit 56* sandwedge and played a round with it the day after. This club performed beyond my expectations. Easiest SW I have ever used, gets me out of the greenside bunkers with ease, checks up immediately. Its also excellent for those approach shots from 60yds in, usually checks up immediately and when I hit it right it spins back. I couldn't be happier with this club. I will at a 52* wedge to my bag as well. This club is highly recommended. Forged heads do make a difference. 

2013-07-08 by M. Moan
There's many things I like about the 60 degree wedge I purchased, but this is the first club I've bought from Gigagolf that I was slightly disappointed with. It looks and feels excellent, and I got a Sensatec grip instead of the Winn grips I usually use on wedges and that has been fine. I actually prefer them, truthfully. However, I've noticed a drop in performance vs. my old 60 degree which was bent so I needed to replace it. I used to be great at putting backspin on the ball with long chips, getting the old "one bounce, two bounce, stop" effect, but I'm having difficulty doing that now. I haven't played enough recently to make a final determination, but I've felt a slight drop in performance here. On fast greens, it's very hard to make the ball stop. I'm wondering if the bounce/sole is right for me. For $45, though, it's a great deal still. 

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