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The Pursuit ps550 Hybrid - Reviews

Pursuit ps550 Hybrid

Below are comments and feedback for customers of GigaGolf who have purchased and tried the Pursuit ps550 hybrid golf clubs.

2016-04-03 by R. Sollett
Okay-here we go. I have in the past purchased outside the mainstream golf clubs and sometimes I feel it was worth it. This unnamed place in California was a disaster, the web site not updated and causing undue frustration. Tough place to deal with. Another place, yes also in California-was decent. I ordered a 7 Wood and it arrived and sometimes I take it out and use it. Most times it sits in the closet for no reason. I do buy grips from them from time to time. They're okay. Then I ran into Giga golf. At first I was going to order several irons, the MB series, and a hybrid. I need more irons like a hole in the head, my wife commented-so to keep the peace, I ordered a new hybrid, which I designed myself. I picked the shaft, and adjustments were free. It arrived about a week later (I ordered it on a Friday late in the afternoon.) It well packed, clean and unused. I quickly put away the old, paint chipped Callaway and took it on my local course the next day. Like anything new, like a wife, or a car, or a dog it takes time to get use to it. (I won't go into wife #2...nor the Toyota truck or the dog - I miss that dog, not so much wife #2. LOL. Three practice sessions, two rounds of nine hole golf and let me say this 3 hybrid rules. I am very happy indeed. If you are reading this, and anticipating making a purchase, do so without fear. Let me add, I am retired, and do not work for Giga or anyone...well, maybe for wife #3. Golf well my friends.

2016-03-29 by P. Lee
This is an update. I bought the 3 and 4 hybrid to go with the 5 and 6. Let me tell you, it is way easier to make golf shots with these clubs. I just wish Giga Golf would also make a pitching wedge through 7 hybrid. These clubs are a brilliant advance in golf technology. These clubs are very stable/solid. Yesterday, 3/27/2016, I had the chance to use my 3 and 4 hybrids, a little more than usual and made some great shots. On hole 17 for example, which plays about 200 yards to the middle but on this day it was tucked back left about 210. I played my ball, with the 3 hybrid just slightly left of center with a tiny draw and ended up about 25 feet to the right of the pin. I am confident that if I had played it at the pin, it could have very well ended up stiff to the pin. I just love the penetrating medium height trajectory!! The other great thing is when the ball hits the green, it stops almost immediately!! The 3 hybrid for example only rolled out about 8 feet!! The 5 and 6 hybrids even get some backspin or stop dead!! Once you figure out your distances with these clubs, it's like throwing darts!! Please Giga Golf, manufacture the 7 through pitching wedge, I would buy them immediately!!

2016-01-23 by T. Ponsard
Update on my December review. Today I pulled off the exact same shot with the same club... Magic!

2015-12-11 by T. Ponsard
I waited almost a year to write this review, because I wanted to be sure. Last Sunday I landed a ball 20 ft from hole on a Par 5 from 220 yards and missed an Eagle put, and I decided I had to tell someone about this. Built to specs a 4 hybrid with a TT Dyn Gold stiff shaft. I hit it with confidence anywhere between 180 and 220 yards, always dead straight, it's spooky, some would say magical, especially when I have a tendency to be very inconsistent with other clubs! I find it hard to find steel shafted hybrids I like elsewhere, this is great. I even use it for low shots underwood (a quarter swing gets me about 90 yards dead flat). Plus it's classically beautiful and simple, no frills, not like the flashy designs of most brands. This is my favorite club ever, I love it, wouldn't trade it for any branded club, and am currently planning to keep it in the bag for many more years. 

2015-10-29 by R. DeAngelis
The best hybrid i have ever played, it should be in everyones bag.

2015-09-30 by j. KENYON-MUIR
bought the 3 through 6 to upgrade the previous hybrids. Had been off for 3 weeks with lower back problems and on the 2nd round after returning and still not using full power hit the 5 hybrid on par 3, 17th at my club (154 yds w/cross wind) and got my second hole in one! Apart from this moment, all the hybrids are so easy to use and do indeed not require massive club head speed. I am getting about an extra 5yds distance but more importantly am able to generate good soft landings particularly with the 5 & 6. great confidence clubs and I believe that I will be able to work the ball both left and right with further practice.. Good value as ever..

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