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Pursuit ps550 Fairway wood - Reviews

Pursuit ps550 Fairway

Reviews from GigaGolf customers who have tried the Pursuit ps550 Fairway wood.

2016-04-14 by R. Hastings
Bought the pursuit 3 wood fairway driver and LOVE it!! Was having trouble with my driver, and decided to try a 3 wood with a steel shaft, reg.flex and man' wow, I'm hitting straighter than ever, along with about 240' on my drive!!! This club not just looks great, it out performs most others! I also love the e-fit system, took off -.25 on the shaft and it took care of my trouble of driving the ball! I just ordered G922 irons and can't wait for them. Thanks gigagolf, you made a believer out of me! Ron

2015-12-28 by R. Wells
I am 72 years old and love the game but find I am getting more cynical about a lot of things, particularly these reviews. I had a gap in my clubs between a 7 iron and my 3 wood (my 5 wood was 20 years old) so I ordered a 3 and 4 hybrid and a 5 wood. When they arrived and I took them out of the box I was somewhat disappointed in the look and feel. The hybrids looked more like cut down fairway woods and felt heavy. The slot at the bottom could only be decoration. I always thought that the way you swung a club was more important than the club design. The only word I can use to describe these clubs is MAGIC! The fairway woods have a low long trajectory and the 5 wood hits as far as my Callaway 3 wood. Always consistent!

2015-12-11 by C. Clark
I received the club in less than 10 days from the time of order (on a weekend). I am 68 going on 69 years old and I am not a good golfer. My prior drives with a driver were lucky to go 200 yARDS and not in the fairway. With this 3 wood I have driven in excess of 200 yards most of the time and an in the fairway 80% of the time. I have hit the club from the deck an am about 185 (unheard of for me). I hope it isn't just a honeymoon experience. The club was 42 inches and a women's flex but it works for me. Great quality and service. I also have wedges from Giga and they are great as well. BTW I never rate "strongly agree" however this club has been absolutely all I had hoped it would be.

2015-10-28 by m. p
GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY!!! The reviews are true. The sound and flight of my first swing at the range with this club turned heads. I went with the Grafalloy Red and upgraded Winn midsize wrap. No club is for everyone but with the 30 day test drive if you're considering this one it's unlikely you'll be disappointed. Note to GIGA; Please make this in a driver.

2015-10-18 by L. Hyatt
A monster!!! I would put this club with my pursuit forged irons against any of the so called big boys. If you want exceptional clubs at an unbelievable price look no further. Giga golf player for life

2015-10-06 by R. White
Where do I start? How about, "This Pursuit 3 wood is a beast!" Story starts with me ordering this club from your pre-owned section for a golfing buddy who needed a 3 wood but was short of cash. I guess because it wasn't from a big name company, he turned his nose up at it, so I tossed it in the trunk and it sat there for a few months. Well, I showed up at the course a few days ago not realizing that I had left my TRX Pearl 3 wood in my laundry room when I was cleaning the clubs. Forced to either go sans 3 wood or try the Pursuit, I opted for the latter. Well after a few shots at the range, I realized I was hitting it a lot longer than the Pearl, especially considering that the weather was a little chilly. When I got on the course, I used it where I would normally use the Pearl and I couldn't believe my eyes. On the second hole, Par 5-565 yards, about 290 out (normally Pearl leaves me about 70 or so out for a third shot wedge) I bombed one that was only about 15 yards off the fringe of the green. I wish I had someone playing with me that day because I barely believe it myself. On our infamous 226 yard Par 3 over a swamp, I actually overshot the green by a good 20 yards or so with an easy swing...It's like a 3 wood on steroids. I don't think I will be using it much because I have the distances pretty well figured out with my Pearl (and I don't want to mess up my improved play), but I do want to play another round with it so my buddy can see what he missed out on. I can honesty say that if you are looking for a 3 wood that will give you outrageous distance and hits fairly straight, this might be the ticket.

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