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Review: ThePursuit 460a Driver

Pursuit 460a Adjustable

Browse the feedback from golfers who have reviewed the Pursuit 640a driver. Note: all comments were submitted via the GigaGolf website.

2016-05-11 by G. Byler
After waiting patiently to receive this driver I received it last week. I will keep this somewhat short! I currently have a 913 titleist driver that I really like. My son played his senior year on the golf team with it as well. After hitting the new pursuit driver he now owns a titilest driver. This driver comes as advertised! It can sound a little high on mis hits but the distance is still there. On purer strikes it sounds awesome! The driver is far more accurate than the titilest. Anyway great job gigagolf! My son and I also have the pursuit irons and absolutely love them. No need to go buy high dollar clubs when you can buy these!

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