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Reviews of PowerMax GX922 Irons

PowerMax GX922

The comments and reviews listed below are from GigaGolf customers who have tried the PowerMax GX922 irons. All reviews were submitted to the GigaGolf website.

2009-03-13 by D. L.
I ordered a 5-PW set of GX922s w/TT Featherlight shafts and so far, although only having hit them at the range, I am very pleased with my decision. I am an "improver", still searching for that consistent, solid contact, and so I also looked at the TRX Ion and C9 Ti insert clubs. I think they are all good clubs for the mid-high handicapper, although the TRX seems slightly less forgiving of mishits, so maybe is for the better player. The 922 has a nice solid feel and sound when correct contact is made. I also liked that it feels a little heavier in the swingweight than the TRX, a personal preference. They feel really nice and easy to swing (way lighter than my previous irons, some old Tiger Sharks). I also like the more traditional look of this club - a nice compact clubhead size, and the polished finish. They really are beautiful looking clubs. Players who prefer a larger clubhead might prefer the TRX or C9 (I see there is also an oversize version of the 922 out as well now). I can't really speak to the level of "playability" in regards to playing deliberate fades and draws, I will have to leave that to someone more skilled. As an aside, I also recommend the Winn soft grips, especially to those with Latex allergies, since they are latex free except at the top and bottom of the grip. I find that you don't even really need a glove with these grips. Hope these comments are useful.

2016-06-03 by J. Shelton
I'd like to begin by saying I have never left a review for a product before. I do most of my shopping online but rarely do I feel the need to leave feedback. I am new to golf so my opinion probably doesn't matter as much as others, but I could not believe the quality I got for the price. My expectations were surpassed on every level, from the shipping and packaging to the actually quality of the clubs. Thank you so much for the wonderful and affordable product line. I hope you guys are around for years to come

2015-12-21 by A. Bennett
Love them! Love them! 

2015-10-24 by R. Shields
love the gx922. Bring back the oversized version please. Helps compensate for slightly off shots.

2015-08-16 by D. Maillard
So I thought it fair to write a second review of these Giga clubs and an oil can 58 wedge I got with this set. I have now had them for three summers; bottom line they are still excellent. Yes, I have regripped them, yes I broke my three iron, but that was my fault. When you take a divot that includes a boulder, it will happen. The clubs still have wonderful bite, plenty of length, and I could not be happier with them. I keep looking a new ones, but these have performed so well, I am holding off. When I need/want new irons, Giga, you have my order. I don't think I am going to buy a single club elsewhere now.

2015-06-02 by D. Kittelson
I bought my first custom set from Gigi golf 11 years ago. Have loved playing these clubs since the day I got them. Finally decided it was time to look into a new set. Had no hesitation in coming right back here for my next set. Decided on the GX922 set Called, they found my old order from 11 years ago I wanted the same specs 1 inch added to shaft and 3 degrees up on lie angle. Received the clubs in less then 7 days. They looked great! I noticed that only a 1/2inch had been added to the shaft rather then a full inch. Was a little concerned. But thought I would go give them a try and see what happens. After hitting a few balls and trying to get the right feel or comfortable feel something seemed to be missing? Thought it was kinda like if you had been using the same hammer at a job for 11 years and all of a sudden a 1/2 inch of the handle came off. It would be a completely different feel and uncomfortable. So I called and explained the situation. Jay said to send them back and they would take care of it. Plus I decided to upgrade the grips at the same time. Because it was was cheaper for me to let them do it then taking them to a local shop. Last Weds May 27th I received them back. Clubs looked great. They felt allot more right. On friday the 29th I took them to a local 9 hole that a friend works at. I have to say, at first I struggled. Was making good contact with the club and ball. They felt great! But pulling it something fierce. Part of it could have been between a little amped up and getting used to something new again. I wasn't disappointed in clubs as I was in my playing. But I really wanted to take them out a 18 hole tighter course to see how I and they would do. On Sunday May 31st 2015 at Wapicada GC in St Cloud MN with 3 other friends. I got the chance. After the front nine. Was getting more comfortable with my swing and the feel of the club with every shot. Got to the 16th hole par 3 158 yds. Pin was in the back and it was 171 to the back edge. 10mph in our face we guessed Buddy hit first using a utility club and rolled just off the back the the green. Grabbed the 5 iron knowing 4 iron was to much club. I hit the shot and it felt great. The ball was a little left of the flag. When it landed we couldn't see the ball right away because of a raised bunker in the front. All of a sudden the ball appeared and everyone said go in the hole! It kept rolling and the next thing you know, it disappears! I said, that didn't just go in did it? It just rolled off the back right? NO, they all said it's in the hole! I'm not convinced. Lets go look... I'll be damned it was in the hole!!! One of the guys wife a few years ago had a hole in on the same hole. Crazy.. This is my second ace. But none sweeter then with a set off clubs that I got from Gigi golf. I called customer service yesterday and told Jay what had happened and thanked him for the great clubs and the great service. Thanks to you all at Gigi Golf! 

2015-06-01 by D. Scheibel
I, like all of the others, reviewed and studied before buying my first set of clubs from GigaGolf. I just want to say give GigaGolf a try and you will not regret it. I am on my second order, waiting for a sand and lob wedge. If they are anything like my irons I will be very happy. Thanks for making quality golf equipment affordable! 

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