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Review: The GXz Ti Driver by GigaGolf

GXz Ti Driver

Below are opinions posted on the GigaGolf website by golfers who have tried the GXz Ti Driver.

2015-10-22 by P. Ramirez
I ordered the Z driver because I tried it out of my friend's bag. He was pounding it long and straight all day. Hitting it farther than I was hitting my Taylor Made. Reluctantly, I gave it a test. Well the test cost me $99, but I figured I would get that back and more when I sold the Taylor Made I paid $500 for. Wrong!!! Trade in is $65. What??? One of the reasons I bought a name brand is that I thought it would hold some value. Won't make that mistake again.

2015-10-20 by A. Dholam
The GXz driver is awesome out of the box. I get compliments all the time, and several in my group have bought their own from GigaGolf. Gorgeous and durable club that I would recommend to anyone.

2015-09-23 by K. Van Acker
I am an a pretty good golfer that at the age of 56 can still hit 280 yds. This driver is way more consistent than my Callaway. I have a 9 degree with the red shaft. I have played this driver for a year and have had no issue's.

2015-09-17 by M. Kuroyama
I have purchased the GXz driver, two Trax Ti drivers, a Trax 3 wood, TRX Slot irons 5i to gap, two wedges, and a putter from this company. Obviously, I like and believe in their products. I have two comments. First, I worked with Jay on figuring out a good distance driver because I wasn't totally satisfied with the distance I was getting. (More on that next.) He recommended the GXz in Graffaloy Blue stiff 10.5 degree. He was right on the money. That club is easy to hit and my drives have picked up a good 30 yards. Second, after ordering the GXz I discovered that both of my Trax drivers were severely cracked in the same place in the slider channel. I contacted Jay. Even though the clubs were a little over a year old, he had me return them and they replaced the heads on both clubs with new double slider models. I just received them back and they look great. I can't wait to try them out and see if the cracked heads were the problem. I spent my career in retail. I believe that any company or its employees can experience a problem. The true measure of a company is what it does when it finds out about the issue. Gigagolf did not have to help me. The clubs were outside the one year warranty, but they stepped up and delivered. I am a confirmed loyal customer after my experience. If you are not sure yet, take a chance. You won't regret it. Mike K P.S. Wonder if they will come up with a clone of the new Taylormade M1 driver in a couple years?

2015-09-06 by J. Erekson
Got the GXz Ti Driver at 10.5 degrees and with prolaunch red stiff shaft. Feels incredible, hits far, and makes a solid sound, and still gives a lot of forgiveness. Absolutely worth the money and the glowing reviews.

2015-09-05 by G. Jacobson
I purchased the GXz 10.5 with the Grafalloy red, regular flex. It's proved to be a great combination for me. Great sound, impressive distance, and trajectory. My better swings(it is all about the swing), stay right with my lower handicap friends and their high dollar P**ngs, T$$*%mades, and C###*ways

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