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GXz Hybrid Review

GXz Hybrid

Read the reviews below of the GXz Hybrid. All reviews were submitted by customers at the GigaGolf website.

2015-03-09 by Z. Cyrus
I ordered the 3 and 4 hybrid last spring to replace my 3 and 4 irons, which I hit inconsistently. I was very surprised with how beautiful these clubs looked, but even more delighted when I took them to the range. The head felt heavy at first, but I think that has to do with comparing them to fairway woods. They have the shape of the fairway wood, but feel more like an iron when you swing them. To me, the slight heaviness was a good feeling, it game me more confidence that I could hit them consistently. I have always had a hole in my game from 200-170 yards. After playing with these clubs, I can say that I have fixed the problem! These clubs are so easy to hit, and they are consistent. Off the tee, I can hit the 3hybrid 200-210 yards dead center each and every time. It is such an awesome feeling to know that any point I can dial up the fairway, if I need it. From the fairway they are easy to hit. The contact is crisp and solid, each and every time. They are far superior to any long iron I have ever played. I highly recommend these! 

2015-02-16 by H. Wilhite
I purchased Giga Golf's GXz hybrid clubs, 2, 3, 4 & 5. Why not? The cost of all four, delivered, was less than the cost of a single advertised brand club. The clubs were received quickly with no problems and in the configuration I ordered. I haven't had a chance to play them yet due to weather and work. (In order to submit this comment I noted "Acceptable" for club performance.) But, I've got to say that the clubs look very good. The detail of the club heads is gorgeous. The standard Sensatex VX grips look and feel good. They were installed correctly, inline with no twists, and there was no glue residue to be seen. So far, Giga Golf's service and products have been excellent. I may report more after I've had a chance to play the clubs. Depending on the results, my rating may go up - it's not likely to go down!

2014-10-25 by D. Kelly
So my wife and I decided to take up golf just this summer, and we both bought complete sets from Dick's Sporting Goods. Well, I developed a pretty bad slide with my driver and 3 wood, but I was doing well with my 3 & 4 hybrids. So, I decided to get the GXz 2 hybrid with the True Temper Feather Flight shaft to fill the hole between the 3 hybrid and the 3 Wood. I also planned to use it off the tee since I figured it'd be better to hit it straight down the fairway instead of in the trees to the right. Well, I've played 9 holes twice with it now, and it's great. I can keep it fairly straight and it goes pretty long. I think the best I hit with it was about 225 yards once. It also makes a pretty satisfying whack sound. Thank you GigaGolf!

2014-07-27 by C. Schultheis
Purchased the 3 and 4 hybrid. Never have played hybrid clubs before but age and swing speed was catching up to me so decided to give these a chance. With my old standard cavity backed long irons I was beginning to pull and snap hook and finding it harder to make solid contact. Let me just say I am now a huge convert. I love these clubs. Off the ground or off the tee these are fantastic. These go 10-15 yards further than my normal 3 or 4 iron and much higher. No trouble getting these up in the air. Also love how I don't have to swing near as hard to get an even better result. Now going to buy a 5 hybrid. Highly recommend.

2014-07-24 by P. Phipps
This club has been the missing link between my 3 iron and disaster. My son still refers to it as my girlie club, but he hit it and now we are ordering him one of his own!

2014-04-21 by D. Campbell
I bought a GXz 20degree hybrid last June. Great club. I went out today with a friend who is a very low handicap. He was curious how I kept hitting such great shots 220+ straight as an arrow with this club he had never heard of. We get to a short par 4 and he asks if he could hit it off of the tee, I agree and he hits an incredible 250+ yard draw. He wouldn't admit how great the club was since it wasn't a Titleist, but he asked me numerous questions about it which means he loved it Thank you Gigagolf! 

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