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GXz Fairway Metal Review

GXz Fairway

The feedback and reviews listed below are from GigaGolf customers who have played the GXz Fairway Metal. All reviews were submitted to the GigaGolf website.

2015-10-16 by D. Hanson
Ordered the GXz 3 wood with the ProLaunch Blue shaft and received the club a week after ordering it (awesome). At first I had trouble hitting the club at the range but when I used it on the course the club became my go to club. Hitting the ball straight, higher trajectory and 15 yards longer, I couldn't be happier. Well done GigaGolf

2015-09-07 by B. Young
This is a follow up to a previous review. I love these clubs. Since buying these at the end of July my game has improved probably 7 strokes and these clubs are a big part of it. They are now my go to clubs. And that was never the case with any previous fairway woods

2015-08-24 by J. Nies
Used these for the first time yesterday and I am truly amazed. I was hitting my 3 wood longer than I was hitting my un-fitted driver last year. These clubs are great and even perform well out of the rough or in uneven lie situations.

2015-07-31 by B. Young
I bought the GHz fairway woods with the prolaunch blue shafts for high launch. They performed perfectly. An immediate improvement over my last set. These clubs are a value for sure.

2015-06-06 by J. Spilman
Been looking at the Giga clubs for some time now. They had a return GXz 3 wood with a ProLaunch Blue regular shaft. A can't miss price, so I bought it. I took a chance on the Blue shaft knowing I could not return the club. It is a beautiful club with a high quality shaft. When I hit it on the screws it screams. A very hot club. It has a very nice trajectory when hitting off the deck. I think if I were to use it on the tee I would have probably opted for the Red shaft. Off the tee the Blue shaft trajectory is a bit too high for my taste. I have to tee it down close to the ground like I would an iron off the tee to keep the trajectory down. No worries though. A fine club. The service was top notch.

2015-05-31 by J. Petty
Just got my 3 and 5 wood! These clubs are beautiful! I upgraded to the prolaunch red after doing a lot of research between red and blue... I decided I wanted a medium trajectory ball flight. These are just brilliant clubs. I can't wait to get the driver.

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