Buying Used vs. Buying Our Custom Golf Clubs

Let's take a light-hearted look at why you should always buy our custom golf clubs instead of these unknown used ones. You check out a set of new Callaways. Boy, you can't believe how expensive they've become. When you bought that last set of clubs 15 years back, you had to sneak them into the house so your hubby| wife|same-sex partner| didn't see them. You don't want to go through that again. You think about buying Hank's one year-old set of Taylor Made's. He's long over due for a new set now that he's shortened the buying interval after his second divorce and he wants to do you a favor by off-loading last year's latest golfing technology on you. Should you do it?

No you shouldn't and here are ten reasons why you should buy our custom golf clubs instead.

#10. Hank had them custom fitted for Hank. Why get someone else's custom fitted clubs when you get get your own set of clubs custom tailored exactly for you.

#9. Hank is 5'6" and 150. His shaft length and flex would suit your 13-year old nephew. Your size, swing speed, and stance are totally different. Getting the right shaft is one of the most overlooked things when buying golf clubs. Even sparkling, lightweight shafts don't look good after you've smashed them in anger after you're third shank. Our golf clubs will give you the shafts that suit you.

#8. Golf technology is changing fast. You don't want to be runner-up to Hank when he gets his new set of Callaways. Runner-up - that's first place for losers and you're not a loser, not when you're ripping it with our custom-fitted drivers.

#7. What about the heads on the irons? You never really liked that big perimeter weighting thing. You hit it high enough as it is. You like to get your game improvement from tweaking you silky swing. And that offset hosel? No thanks, it just not your style and it's not what your game needs. You need our nice, new custom irons.

#6. Is Hank going to take them back after 30 days when you're finding more rough than fairway and more water than terra-firma? No. He's getting that check cashed on his way home from the course and you're left swinging in the trees. Our custom clubs give you 30 days to try them and, if for some wild reason you don't like them, you can change them or get your money back.

#5. Who will help you when they need fixed. If you have to get that tractor at the range to retrieve that driver's head one more time...Our new custom golf clubs have a full 1 year component and workmanship warranty.

#4. Hank's an accountant and he's talking net current value/ Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. He paid close to seven hundred when he bought his clubs new last year. Even used, his Taylor Made's are going to cost a pretty penny. Our golf clubs are new, custom-fitted, and they might even be cheaper than a used set.

#3. The set isn't what you're looking for. Hank was the first guy with a seven wood and now he's got a back full of high-loft woods. You like the occasional hybrid and you don't even mind that 2 iron; yes, if it's good enough for Tiger ..Get the combination of woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges that suits your game..

#2. Hank could never get that drive of the ground could he? That's why he went with the 12 degree loft on his driver. You're trying to get that tee-shot going forward, not up and you need less loft to do that. Getting one of our custom fitted drivers is going give you the trajectory you need.

#1. New golf clubs look good, feel good, swing good; heck, they even smell good. In fact, now you think about, you don't even like Hank, or his golf clubs. Try our nice, new, and sparkling golf clubs. Custom fitted for you.