Review of the Power Max GX922 Irons - By Bill Baxter

Review Courtesy of GigaGolf

The Power Max GX922 Iron by GigaGolfAh spring, when the Northern Hemisphere comes out of a long winters rest. Birds chirp louder, the air smells sweeter with the aroma of fresh cut grass, and golf balls begin to fill the air as players anticipate great things from the up coming golf season.  It is also the perfect time to test clubs here in Florida.  Temperatures are in the low to mid 80’s and the humidity is low.

I had the opportunity to test our newest iron at the driving range just minutes from the office.  I always get a little rush when the boss comes out and tells me that I need to take a few clubs to the range for testing. "Aw shucks. Really?" Which is then followed with an enthusiastic, "Okay. Bye!" It's been a while since I had swung a club so the first swings took were a few little, half wedge swings just to get my tempo and rhythm going. After seven or eight swings it was on to the task at hand, testing the new Power Max GX922 irons.

I brought the 4-iron, 6-iron, and 9-iron with me for testing. All three clubs had the True Temper Feather Flight shaft. The shaft flex was the Firm and the grip was the Sensatec XV in the midsize.

Power Max GX922 IronsMy good shots with the GX922 irons got up in the air easily and traveled on a nice high arcing trajectory with good distance.  I have always been a high-ball hitter, so it was nice to see that even with the lower center of gravity the GX922 did not produce shots that “ballooned” straight up in the air with no distance.  Bad shots were more the result of poor swing mechanics or “paralysis by analysis”; what I call thinking too much.  But when I did miss the “sweet spot” my shots had fairly good distance and were not as far offline as they would have been without the notched cavity back system.

Both the 6-iron and the 9-iron felt great and performed to my expectations.  Unfortunately I still can’t seem to hit a 4-iron very well so I will continue to play a hybrid in its place.  I now tell customers without hesitation, that the GX922 irons are one of the best performing irons GigaGolf has ever offered and I know they will help you take your game to the next level of performance and enjoyment.