Choosing Custom Fitted Golf Clubs

For Intermediate Golfers

You're not a beginner, but you're not yet a master. So what are you? We'll call you a "normal" golfer if that's OK with you.

As a normal golfer you are making fairly regular connection between golf ball and the sweet spot. You probably hit around 4 to 8 greens in regulation. You've enough distance to reach the longer par 4s with two good blows. The area crying out for improvement is your short game - you know you could save a bunch of shots if you could just get up and down around the green more often. You also know that you could be better from 100 yards in and that occasional birdie you get would become more common.

What else? Your drives are inconsistent; some days you can do little wrong, but most times ripping one 250 yards down the fairway is an occasional event. Your long irons give you trouble, always have; maybe they always will!

So how can a set of our golf clubs help you make that step from the 90s and 80s down into the 70s and into even into view of, dare we say, the 60s. Yes, we're not talking Beatles and bad haircuts now; we're looking at the forbidden garden that is a score in the 60s.

We'll start with some Game Improvement Irons. You're good, but you're not great so you'll still need some gentle forgiveness to turn that bunker bound iron shot over far enough to catch the edge of the green. Maybe you can switch that hybrid 4 for a 4-iron, and take a little bit of loft off those fairway woods. You're swings improving and your getting more clubhead speed so it might be time to revisit your shaft selection. You're short game could well benefit if you pick up a third wedge. And as for a putter, there's lots of choice including a nice new MOI maxed mallet.

Golf Club Set for the "normal" golfer

  • Three woods (1, 4, and 5)
  • Hybrids (3 and 4)
  • Six Irons (5 - PW, LW, SW)
  • And any putter you like

Yes, we've got just the set of golf clubs for you.

Advanced Set Profile

You're a good golfer, shooting in the 70s more often than not and hitting around 10 greens in regulation. You notice that your playing partners are hitting the type of shots you'd like to; low shots through the wind, high fades, power draws on those dogleg fairways. These guys are also knocking it 20 yards past you off the tee. A look in their bags tells you their golf clubs are different than yours - the soles on the irons are quite as wide and there is not the same amount of perimeter weighting.

Your long irons are sometimes strong but still inconsistent. Those 200-230 yard shots to the green can still be a challenge. From 100 yards in you are very strong. You just need to fine tune those wedges and get the most short game options possible.

What's the Right Set of Golf Clubs for You?

You need more feel and control. With your striking ability you can give up some of the forgiveness in the Game Improvement clubs in favor of the control and feel offered by a nice new set of Players clubs. These have less perimeter weight, thinner top edge and less of an offset.

You're playing with the big boys now so you'll be looking at a Driver with a little less loft (around 9 or 10 degrees). The shaft is critical to your success on the golf course. Good golfers tend to generate a bit more clubhead speed so you'll likely benefit from a stiffer shaft to keep those 280 yard drivers on the short grass. Reaching those par 5s in two will require good long irons or fairway woods. Maybe a 3 wood is in order with accompanying 3 hybrid for those high-flying, soft-landing approaches.

When it comes to your wedges you'll need a bit of trial and error to get the best match. These clubs are real shot savers and, if you're looking for some good return on investment then look no further than a good combination of wedges. If you go with three then look at having around 5 degrees difference in loft between each wedge.

Golf Club Set for the "advanced" golfer

  • Three woods (1, 3, and 5)
  • Hybrid (3)
  • Six Irons (4 - PW, LW, SW)
  • And any putter that works fro you

Once again, we've got just the set for you.