Let Your Golf Game Choose Your Clubs

When I was a lad everyone had the same set of golf clubs; Driver, 3-wood (my Dad called it a Spoon), 3 - 9 iron, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge, and of course a putter. Well things have changed since then and we're now able to pick our set of clubs based on our game, and not on what our Dads used.

We all know that golf requires many different types of shot; from the tee, the fairway, the rough, the sand, and that's just on a good day! Depending on whether we're a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced player, these shots will be difficult, very difficult, or extremely difficult - nothing is ever easy in golf - except sometimes, like on that magical Sunday two years ago ..

Beginners need a set that offers as much forgiveness and assistance as possible. Advanced players will look for more feel, response, and control. And those intermediate golfers (that's most of us folks) will be seeking that illusive balance between the above two feature sets.

The Most Important Golf Club Is?

Even though we try very hard to stop this, the putter is by far the most used club in the bag. If you're getting round the course in 90 - 100 range then around 35% of those precious strokes, including all those 2" tap-ins will have been made with the putter. So the statistician will tell you that the putter is the most important, and sadly (it's not that much fun really is it?) they're correct.

Talking about fun, let's think about the Driver because that is next most commonly used, and therefore important, club in the bag. Probably 14 swipes (maybe around 15% or so of your total, not including reloads) will made with this most loved and, at the same time, hated weapon. Ripping a driver into the distance, ideally on the fairway, is a great start to a hole and it sets you up for that final push to the even more distant green. On the other hand, a poor drive ...well we don't need to go there, do we?

If you're just beginning your golfing adventure you might find that you use the wedge more than you'd like. Although you hit 2 or 3 greens a round, missing the green is what you're known for. Expect to be using wedge 14 or so times as well.

I suppose we should also give importance to the clubs that have the greatest capacity for disaster. Apart from the above mentioned Driver, your woods and long irons would fit into this category

Below we'll take a look at how these important clubs fit into sets of golf clubs for beginners, for advanced golfers, and for all of the souls in between.

A Beginner's Set of Golf Clubs

As a beginner you have a hard time making consistent contact with the ball. Contact on the heel and toe of the club is common as well as topped and fat shots (hitting the top of the ball or hitting the ground first). You just plain have a problem hitting the ball with the center of the clubface. Your swing speed is slow due to inexperience with proper swing mechanics (although you younger, athletic beginners may be the exception). For you women and juniors, clubhead speed is slow due to lack of strength. This causes difficulty getting the ball up in the air as well as lack of distance.

Let's face it, when you're new to golf you're not going to hit the ball with the center of the club as often as you would like. Your swing is still a work-in-progress. Even when you nail it, more often than not, you're slicing it or hooking it (now if only you could throw a baseball like that you'd be on $20 million a year!). Sometimes you find it hard to get the ball off the ground. You need as much help as you can get from today's golf technology. You need ....

....The Ideal Set of Clubs for Beginning Golfers

The ideal set for new golfers should be as forgiving as possible. An oversized head will increase the size of the sweet spot to give you a better chance of getting that ball to go where you want. The perimeter weighting on the irons will straighten up directionally challenged shots. A nice wide sole will help the club cut through the nasty rough you'll no doubt encounter and help to get that ball up, up, and away. The offset club head will improve your striking and accuracy and make the green an increasingly more common resting place for your ball.

When you're looking for distance, whether from the rough or the fairway, you'll be better off with woods and hybrids with a good loft. These are much easier to hit than those 3 and 4 irons. They've also got more loft and the more loft, the more backspin, and the more backspin, the less sidespin. And the less side-spin, the straighter by thy shot. Your Driver should have a large head, probably something bigger than 430cc. It should have a 12 - 15 degree loft. All this will help to get your knees trembling after each sweet contact.

You'll be finding that putting is a very, very necessary evil. Practice will especially important although, compared to the long game, there are fewer moving parts and you'll be able to quickly improve. Alignment might cause a few problems early on so getting a putter that easier to line up might be wise. Equipped with such a wand you'll be comparing your putting to that of the pros just like the rookie watching Tiger lipping out from 20 feet and saying "I could have missed that one too!"

A set of golf clubs for the Beginner

First up, get a matched set. Ideally this set should be custom fit for you. This doesn't have to be expensive as you will see from our range of custom fitted golf clubs that use our online eFit system. Next up, you don't need 14 (the maximum allowed) and keeping it to 10 or so will simplify your club selection and your golf game. The type of clubs you go for should probably be those categorized as Super Game Improvement golf clubs. The best putter will be the one you feel most comfortable with (remember you heard that here first!) and that will probably be something like one of the new large headed mallet style putters.

Here's a suggested list of contents for the beginner's golf bag

  • Three woods (1, 5, and 7)
  • Hybrids (4 and 5)
  • Six Irons (6 - SW)
  • And you'll be needing that putter too - at least until you get that iron play and short-game perfected.

And you won't be surprised to learn that we have just such a selection of golf clubs.

Remember, we've got free shipping in the US and we offer a 30-day, money back trial period. So, if you don't like them then just send them back.

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