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Golf Clubs - by GigaGolf

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Browse the range of GigaGolf custom-fitted golf clubs. These include the GXz Ti Driver shown below. Like all GigaGolf clubs, these irons offer today's technology at factory direct prices. Try them and you will be hearing a chorus of “what did you say your handicap was” from your playing partners.

GXz Driver by GigaGolf

There are several things that elevate GigaGolf as a golf club provider of quality and value. They have a 30 day play guarantee, they use only quality components, and they use a great eFit System to custom fit clubs to your exact needs. There are more - check out their website.



There will be no more running to the ladies tee either once you upgrade with a new driver from the GigaGolf range. There are lots of choices including the GXz Ti Driver shown here and available in 9, 10.5 and 12 degree lofts.

Fairway Woods

If you are looking to hit the green from hitherto unlikely spots then you could do worse than checking out the latest in fairway woods. The P3 Fairway Wood shown to the right is just one of many fairway-to-green solutions.

Verve Hybrid


No longer the weapon of choice for just the elderly and infirm, hybrids are now well and truly established. There may be some of you who will not give up your 1 and 2 irons but for all the rest we suggest this range of hybrid clubs.


Going toe-to-toe with the nailed drive for top spot in the "makes you feel good" competition, is the sweetly struck iron to the center of the green. "Oh, is that my plug mark there? Backspin! Nice strike sir." Check out this range of GigaGolf irons at your leisure.

GX922-Z Irons
S2 Black Matte Scoring Wedge


Wedge play can make and save scores. Getting up and down around the green is just so important. Have a look at these scoring wedges and dare yourself to score lower.


It has been said that we are all born good putters and then learn, over time, to become bad at it. It's time to fix that. Get a new putter to go with a new positive attitude and just make more putts.

Center Cut mod. 19 putter